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Goal Station

Football Cannon

Football Cannon

Football Cannon

Football Cannon shoots the ball with a never before seen accuracy and consistency, giving both coach and player the best working conditions possible. The Football Cannon also ensures more systematic special training where goalkeepers, defenders, and strikers can train ball reception and handling by means of various shot patterns.

Improving and fine-tuning these core competencies and skills require special training – individually, in groups, and in full teams. Some of the most important elements in special training are repetition and precision of the exercises aimed at improving player competencies. The Football Cannon ensures repetition and accuracy every time.

Technical specifications:

  • Ball speed of Maximum 120 km/h
  • Distance of 60 meters
  • Size 5 balls
  • Ball capacity of 20 balls
  • Weatherproof, IP rating of 54
  • Remote control with 8 functions
  • Main battery Lithium, 12AH
  • Windows operating platform
  • Monitor size: 7” (Schneider monitor)
  • Football Canon weight 126 kg
  • Ball rack weight 9 kg
Size including feeder Football Cannon
170 cm
Width 89 cm
Height 150 cm


    Size excluding feeder Football Cannon
    125 cm
    Width 66 cm
    Height 100 cm

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