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Goal Station

Focus 360

Focus 360

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Focus 360 facilitates speed and precision, accelerated orientation, reaction time, and decision-making while it takes your game to the next level. Focus 360 is used by youths and professional clubs, organizations, companies, and leagues around the world. Completely mobile and wireless and can be put down in less than 15 minutes.

The Focus 360 Pro F4 can be used by municipalities in public areas to create an active environment for its citizen. The Focus 360 Pro F4 is a multifunctional tool offering a variety of drills. Because of its size, the F4 is ideal for individual training. The F4 can be confirmed with our Ignite Trainer system, which makes a great tool for improving players' orientation abilities. Furthermore, the F4 can be configured with two goals, which makes allows two players to compete against each other.

IncludedFocus 360 Pro F4
Rebounders Panels (2 meters)4x
Rebounder Panels (1 meter)4x
Ignite Trainers4x
Ignite Brackets4x
Ignite Controller Pro1x

Our Ignite Trainers are powered by A-Champs

Powered by A-Champs

Technical specifications
Meters: 3,4 x 3,4
Weight: 115 kg

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