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Goal Station

Rebounder Pro

Rebounder Pro

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Rebounder Pro:

Rebounder Pro is our training tool for professional and amateur football clubs. It simulates passing to and receiving from a teammate, generating endless possibilities to improve technical skills. The perfect tool for a club, freeing up coaches to give feedback to their players, and can also be utilized for reaction training for goalkeepers. Rebounder Pro is for getting that perfect first touch without a teammate. The Rebounder Pro is made for football clubs and professionals.

The Rebounder Pro can withstand any type of weather and have a long lifetime. You can leave it outside on the field in any weather. We made it easy to transport, just flip it upside down and use the wheel on the side to move it around the field.

If you need a Rebounder for training at home or for your kids, then our Rebounder Play is something for you. Do you need to self-train at home or want your kids to have the best training tool at home? Go visit our Rebounder Play version and see if you need it for your training session!

Size  Rebounder Pro
150 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 50 cm
28 kg
Extra The Rebounder Panel is 2 cm thick
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