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Goal Station

Focus Trainer

Focus Trainer

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Focus Trainer Pro is a complete training system to sharpen your vision, awareness, orientation, reaction, time, and decision-making while self-training. You get our Rebounder Pros and our Ignite Trainer, which are easy to set up and adjust according to the player’s needs. No need for teammates or coaches when you can do it all.

The Focus Trainer Pro T4 is for football players who wishes to perfect they're passing ability and train like a pro on any field. The Focus Trainer Pro T4 is ideal for individual training and our Goal Station app offers a variety of passing drills like "Position 6". The Rebounders can be connected with our Ignite Trainer system, which makes a great tool for improving players' reaction time and orientation abilities. Furthermore, the T4 can be used with or without our Ignite Trainer system and is easy to set up on the field.  A complete training system for all age groups and abilities.

IncludedFocus Trainer Pro T4
Rebounders Pro4x
Ignite Trainers4x
Ignite Brackets4x
Ignite Controller Pro1x

Our Ignite Trainers are powered by A-Champs

Powered by A-Champs
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