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Goal Station is designed to improve the player’s first touch, first pass, and short pass.

At Goal Station we design our products with the purpose of making each training session as effective as possible. 


Optimize your training

At Goal Station we make innovative products that can relate to real-life scenarios in the world of football. Our training system optimizes every training session. Studies have shown that each player has approximately 150-250 actions during a 60-minute training session with normal training equipment. By using our training system, the player would participate in 800-1000 actions during the same 60-minute training session. With this data, we quadruple a player's actions and provide intense, effective, and focussed training sessions compared to normal training equipment. 

Together with our partner A-Champs we are offering an effective and innovative training system for clubs to make the most effective training sessions. With the use of data, we believe that our training system can provide coaches and players with an overview of how they perform.

Our training equipment is multi-functional. Based on this, we have created a fun and alternative way for the B2C market to train. We make sure that even your local football club can train with our innovative equipment - just like the professionals do!

And for municipalities, we aim for creating an assembly point for building a community for people in every age group. Our training equipment help to activate people of all ages and create a friendly competitive atmosphere.

We participate in sporting events and tournaments such as Dana Cup 2022 and Gothia Cup 2022. 

  • Data

    Goal Station gives coaches the ability to give value back to their players, parents, and organizations through our patented data technology.

  • Drills

    Our training methodology is based upon the creation of game-like situations with the purpose of developing players in these specific areas.

  • App

    Our application is tracking your player’s performance during every drill. This way, coaches can monitor their players and most importantly provide them with feedback for improvement.

  • Products

    By combining our product with the newest technology and training methodology, we
    believe that we have the ultimate training system for both players and coaches.

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